Cijin Island Must-Visit Places Part 1

This island called Cijin Island is located very close to Kaohsiung City. It is known as a center for goods export and import as well as shipping port in Kaohsiung. Not only that, Cijin Island is also one the best places to visit when you are in Kaohsiung. One-day trip in Cijin Island is recommended for those who want to explore the beauty of this little island. Here are two of many places you can visit in Cijin Island.


1.  Gushan Ferry Pier


Gushan Ferry Pier is a small harbour located in Sizihwan, Kaohsiung. To get there, you can take Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line and get off at the last stop ‘Sizihwan Station’. After walking around 5 minutes from the station, you will find the pier easily as it is located very close to the MRT station. The boat that takes visitors to Cijin Island departs from here. The boat can load not only visitors but also bicycle, motorcycle or scooter. So, it is very convenient if you want to take your vehicle with you. The ferry ticket to Cijin Island is quite cheap and it only takes about 13 minutes to get there.

Sizihwan to Gushan ferry

How to get to Gushan Ferry Pier: take the MRT to Sizihwan Station, and then continue walking for several minutes as shown on the maps. Around Gushan Ferry Pier and in Cijin Island, you will find some bike rentals if you want to go around the island by bike.


Before departing to Cijin Island, you can take pictures around the pier. Nearby, there is a white bridge where you can enjoy the view and wind breeze.

The view from the bridge, facing Shoushan
Cijin Island across the pier
From the other side of the bridge


2. Temples in Cijin Island


In this island, you will see several temples where locals worship the sea goddess, Matsu. The temples situated in different locations all around the island. There are two other temples located in the southern part of Cijin Island. If you are interested in visiting the temples, we suggest riding bike to get around since the weather will be very hot and humid especially in the summer.

Port to temple

One of the closest temples can be reach on foot within 2 minutes. Around the temple, there are food stalls and souvenir shops. In summer, there will be a lot of drink and ice cream shops where you can enjoy shaved ice cream, juice or healthy drinks. For those of you who are fans of seafood, here in Cijin you can taste fresh special seafood dishes of Cijin Island.

One of many beautiful temples in Cijin
This one is located near the previous temple. You just need to walk towards the beach, then you can find the temple on the left side of the road
God statue in front of Tianhou Temple where people throw coins, pray and make wishes
People write their wishes on board and gold color paper, then hang it next to the temple

To be Continued-

Next week we will explore more about beautiful places in Cijin Island. Let us know if you have any comments, suggestion or questions regarding travelling in Taiwan! We are more than happy to share our traveling information and experience with you. Don’t forget to follow and keep up with our journey. See you in our next trip! Ayo Travelling!

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