Cijin Island Must-Visit Places Part 2: Cihou Fort and Rainbow Chapel

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our blog post! On this post, we will take a look at more of Cijin Island tourist attractions. Besides gorgeous temples and yummy seafood we can experience, Cijin Island offers a lot of beautiful and photogenic spots too. The best time to explore Cijin Island is after 3 p.m. when the sunlight is just perfect for photo hunting. Here are cool places to be put on your to-go lists!


1. Cihou Fort


Cihou Fort is a historic fort which was established in 1720. The fort was used as a refuge in the northern port of the harbor. But now it is open for public visits where local and international tourists can spend time and wonder around this age-old fort. The fort is located up in the hill, so you will need to hike a little bit to get there. This place will be perfect for you who wanted to shot old school themed photos.

Cihou fort

As shown on the map, here is how to get to Cijin Fort. The fort is located 11 minutes away from Cijin Ferry Pier. You will need to walk and pass through uphill path in order to reach the fort. If you are afraid of being lost, you can find the way on Google Maps or simply ask the locals.

Directions to Cihou Fort. Take the left path to get to the fort
Uphill way to the fort
Enjoy the view of Cijin Beach while hiking
Perfect photo spots, entrance gate of Cihou Fort
Another beautiful gateway inside Cihou Fort
Old Cihou Fort no longer used as fortress
A shot of empty space inside Cihou Fort

From the top of the fort, you can also enjoy Kaohsiung City scenery.

Cijin Island and Kaohsiung City
Ocean view from the other side of the fort


2. Windmill Park


This Windmill Park in Cijin has seven windmill power plants. This park is situated on the west side of Cijin Island. It is not only suitable for taking photos, but also to hang out and relax while enjoying the sound of waves and beautiful sunset. So romantic!


PORT TO wind power bank
To travel from Cijin ferry port to Windmill Park is quite a long way, so we recommend renting a bicycle at Cijin Old Street or at Sizihwan MRT station. Then you can bike through the west side of the coast. There will be bicycle path along the way where you can enjoy the scenery and the cool breeze
Around this place there are a lot of green grasses directly facing the sky so you can take pictures like the picture above
Then there is also a brick wall engraved with beautiful messages about life and Taiwan


3. Cijin Shell Statue


This place is located near Cijin Island Shells Museum. Situated right in front of the sea, this spot is very beautiful when sunset. The gold color of these shells will glow and look brighter as the sun falls below the horizon.

windmill park dkk

As you follow the path and go around Cijin Island, from Cijin old street to Windmill Park, you will pass the locations of the photographs described above such as Rainbow Church and Cijin Shell Statue. You will find those cool photo spots with ease.


4. Rainbow Church


Rainbow Church is one of Cijin Island’s most popular locations for photo hunting. Suitable for those of you who want colorful photo themes! Beautiful skies and blue ocean as your photo background is a bonus. Isn’t it pretty? This photo was taken during sunset. You can also find more wonderful photo spots around this site.

This one is located just beside the Rainbow Church
Dusk in Cijin Island

To be continued-

Well, we hope you enjoy reading our blog and find it useful. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our journey, you can directly comment or send a message to us. We will share more of our travel experience in Taiwan regularly, so, don’t miss it! See you on the next trip. Ayo Travelling!

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