Cijin Island Must-Visit Places Part 3: Time to Relax and Shop

Hi guys! Now we are at the last part of Cijin Island Trip edition. After strolling around this little island visiting beautiful temples and pretty photo spots, it is time to explore more places nearby Cijin Ferry Pier which are Cijin beach and Cijin Old Street. Let’s see what we can do and experience in this journey of Cijin Island!

1. Around Cijin Beach


This tunnel is a manmade tunnel located next to the beach that connects the beach side of Cijin with the other side of the sea passing through the underground passage of Cihou hill. You can take this tunnel way to go around the coast either on foot or by bicycle, but not by motorcycle. Keep in mind; it is prohibited to pass through the tunnel riding motorcycle or car.

Cijin tunnel
The location of the tunnel. It is very close to Cijin beach and Cijin Old Street


After biking or walking through the underground path, you can immediately see the view of the sea with clear skies. It is also one favorite location where people enjoy watching sunset. You won’t be disappointed by the golden sunset view since this place is facing northwest which surely will be a perfect spot to spend your afternoon catching sunset.


The tunnel not only connects to the sunset viewing location, but also connects to the path that crosses the Cihou hill. Below are photos of scenery that can be seen from the top of the hill.

tunnel jogging track

As seen on the map, after passing the underground path, we can walk around the Cihou hill and cut through to the entrance of the path to Cihou Fort (Check out our Cijin Island Trip part 2).DSC_0862

On the other side of the Cihou hill, there is a beach which is quite popular for those who love surfing. The waves are not too strong but still suitable for surfing activities. If you are interested in surfing, we recommend coming here to try it!

You can also play soccer or volleyball on the other side of the beach. Feel free to bring your own sport equipment
Right behind the seaside, you can find a beach bar which is very cozy and perfect for hanging out with family or friends


Here is the sunset view taken in a fair bright day. The blue sky getting darker with a touch of golden created such a romantic night view. To get to this spot, you have to walk or bike to the beach nearby Rainbow Church (See it on our Cijin Island Trip part 2). There are less people in the beach around this area, so you can take pictures freely and as much as you want. But, visitors are not allowed to swim here because there is no coast guard around and the wave is quiet strong too. It will be too dangerous for visitors to swim there. So, if you would like to swim and enjoy the water, you can head to the beach near Cijin Old Street.

2. Cijin Old Street


When in Cijin, don’t forget to stroll around this street. You can find vendors of seafood, souvenirs, snacks, drinks and everything.

Cijin oldstreet

Cijin Old Street is located very close to Cijin Ferry Pier. It only takes about 2 minutes walking and going straight to street area full of stalls selling gifts and food. On our previous blog post visiting Cijin Island part 1, you will see Tianhou temple which is also located in this old street.

Some are selling swimwear, beach clothes, hats and sunglasses
Accessories that can be purchased as souvenirs of Cijin Island
Many choices of handicrafts you can take home as gifts for your loved ones
Seafood Paradise of Cijin Island. This is one popular seafood stall often crowded by seafood lovers
Typical Cijin Seafood Restaurant serves fresh seafood of your choice

And… that is all for our third part of Cijin Island Trip story! Hopefully you guys enjoy it and find it informative. So, what is your favorite part or places of this trip you want to visit? Share with us in the comment section below! Next trip we are going to share with you more of our journey around Taiwan. So, keep following us if you are curious what our next stop is! See you next time. Ayo Travelling !!

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