Biking through the Paddy Fields in Chihshang, Taitung

Welcome back to our blog! On this post, we are going to share with you guys our journey in Taitung, more precisely in Chihshang Township of Taitung County which is well known for its agriculture. Yup, this small town of Chihshang has about 1,400 hectares of paddy fields and the population here is mostly farmers. You must have heard about Chihshang rice box (池上 便當) and Chihshang rice which is very popular all around Taiwan. Now, let’s see what we can explore around this little beautiful township.


Trip from Taitung city to Chihshang usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the traffic. You can either take the train from Taitung train station or bus from Taitung bus station. It is very convenient to get to Chihshang since the bus and train from/to Chihshang is quite a lot and the ticket price is pretty affordable. If you would like to rent motorcycle when you are in Taitung, make sure you have Taiwan official driving license because most of those rentals do not accept international driving license.

Taitung to Chishang
The way to Chihshang goes up to the northern part of Taitung


Arriving in the small town of Chihshang, here is how the train station looks like. Arriving in the small town of Chihshang, this is the train station. The design of the station building is quite unique with the use of wood material to make the atmosphere simple and modest but still feels modern. At this station, you can find an information center for tourists, so if you are confused about where to go or what to do, you can ask the officer for recommendations.

Chihshang train station on weekend full of local tourists
One corner of Chihshang train station


And then we are ready to explore Chihshang township! To get around you can choose to ride a bicycle, electric bike or motorcycle. Bicycle rental rates vary depending on what type of bike you prefer. To see around and visit nearby attractions, you will spend approximately 40 minutes to one and a half hour by bike. We recommend cycling around in the afternoon when weather is not too hot so you won’t get burn. But if you are not really into biking, they do have tourist train you can take as seen in the picture below.


As we get around, you will pass some tourist attractions such as lotus lake, a giant waterwheel and the famous Chihsang Bolang Dadao (伯朗 大道) or Mr. Brown Avenue. Here is our photo collection during the trip!

Tranquil lake surrounded by trees
You can try getting on kayaks or traditional boats to go around the lake
Three shades around the bike trails to keep you cool in the heat
As you bike around, you can enjoy the rustic atmosphere of Taiwan’s eastern part
Chihshang-style scenery, paddy fields everywhere with mountain and clear skies views as the backdrop
Cool photo spot of old giant waterwheel


This is Bolang Dadao or Mr. Brown Avenue is a must-visit place when you are in Chihshang. This road became famous after being popularized through a commercial ad of Taiwanese coffee, Mr. Brown Coffee. Do not forget to take photos to keep as memories!


Beautiful photo location surrounded by vast paddy fields and mountains behind. Actually, the paddy fields were not as green as we expected since the rice plants were just planted when we visited Bolang Dadao last August. So, we think the best time to visit this area is just before the harvest season comes.

Chihshang green paddy views remind us of our hometown, Indonesia

To be continued-

We will explore more of wonderful tourist attractions in Taitung next week. Keep in touch with us if you don’t want to miss any of our travelling story. Hopefully our story will inspire you to go for a sweet escape! See you next week. Ayo Travelling!

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