The Amazing International Air Baloon Festival and Tiehua Music Village

Have you ever wondered to ride an air balloon or at least admire sky full of air balloons? For those of you who are curious about this exciting experience, we are going to take you to Taiwan International Air Balloon Festival on this week’s post. After exploring around Chihshang, now we are going to continue our adventure in Taitung where this air balloon festival takes place. Let’s start our journey!


1.  Taiwan International Air Balloon Festival

A bit about International Air Baloon Festival

The one-of-a-kind festival showcasing colorful air balloons holds annually in Taitung, Taiwan. The festival invites representatives from many countries to display their own designed hot air balloons. Taiwan International Balloon Festival which held since 2011 has successfully attracted three million visitors every year. It usually lasts for a month started in July and ended in August. So, make sure to check the festival schedule first before going to the festival. During the festival, you can enjoy watching air balloon in various shapes flying next to each other making such a beautiful view. Not only seeing the balloon, you can also experience taking an air balloon ride in real life. The ticket of approximately 10-minute ride is about NT$500 and don’t forget to queue before going on board. However, the entrance fee to the festival site is free. Yay!


According to Taitung government site, 2017 Taiwan International Air Balloon Festival invited 30 teams from 11 countries to exhibit their unique customized air balloon.  The participating countries are Belgium, America, Britain, Brazil and Japan. Each air balloon has its own different shape like cartoon characters, chicken, cow, giraffe, and many more.

Enjoying every moment

Additionally, Taiwan International Air Balloon Festival also offers daily schedule of interesting events such as music concerts, light shows and air balloon exhibition. This festival is located on a highland and it makes such an amazing scenery will let you heart be content. We suggest visiting this festival either in the morning or late afternoon when the weather is not too hot.




Luye highland

The exact location of this festival is in Luyeh Highland or Luyeh highlands. To get there, you can take a special shuttle bus run by the organizer that will take visitors from Taitung Bus Station to the location of Taiwan International Balloon Festival in Luyeh. Another option is to take the train to Luyeh Train Station first then take the same shuttle bus from there. The ride takes about one to two hours. Please note that the traffic will be crowded and full of private cars, so it is best to come here earlier since it will take you a lot of time to get there.


2. Tiehua Music Village


After returning to the city center and arriving at Taitung Bus Station, you guys can directly visit Tiehua Music Village. The location is very close to Taitung Bus Station, precisely on the left side of the terminal. Here you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere with performances of street musicians. Along the way there are also vendors who sell handicraft items such as wallets, bags, bed lights, dolls, key chains and many more options. Tiehua Music Village is open from 6 p.m. to about midnight. You can also take pictures around small lanterns in air balloon shape hanging on the side of the road.








railway village


To Be Continued-


That’s the end of our second part story in Taitung. Hope you enjoy reading our post and find it helpful. Don’t forget to put Taiwan International Air Balloon Festival and Tiehua Music Village on your Taitung must-visit list! See you next week on another journey in Taitung. Ayo Travelling!

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