Pingxi Old Street

A bit about Pingxi Old Street

Pingxi Old Street is located in Pingxi District, a rural district in New Taipei, Taiwan. Pingxi Old Street is a town rich in culture and history with beautiful natural scenery during the journey by train. During the Sky Lantern Festival a lot of visitors come to Pingxi to directly experience many people release lantern into the sky. The dark night sky is fully filled by those released sky lantern. Pingxi Old Street is also included in a tourism train route along with Shifen Waterfall.

The town view from the Pingxi Station
The town view from a bridge in the town. It was so cloudy during the rainy day.
The building design of the Pingxi Old Street

How to get there

Visitors can take a train from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang Station, and change to the Pingxi Line. The train from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang Station costs 44 NTD, and the train fee from Ruifang Station to Pingxie Sation costs 24 NTD by Easy card. The Pingxi line route has natural views along the way to the last destination. The Pingxi Line is a 13KM single mountain line that starts from Ruifang, Houtong the cat village, Sandiaoling, Dahua, Shifen Waterfall, Wanggu, Lingjiao, Pinxi and ends at Jingtong Station.

The Railway route from Taipei Main Station to Pingxi Railway Station
The train railway is just next to the Pingxi Old Street. There are also some people are writing their wish on the Chinese Lantern

Pingxi Old Street is very popular for the Sky Lantern. Visitors draw and their wishes on the Chinese Lantern and release them into the sky, all for modest 100-200 NTD. Pingxi Old Street also has a market area that is built in a hill with a train railway just next to the market. They are selling local food and gifts. The shops around are also built by wooden material during the 1930s-1940s in the Japanese occupation era.

Indoor place to write your wish on the Chinese Lantern to set into the sky
The alley of the Pingxi Old Street which sell some local snacks and merchandise.
The hanging bamboo of wishes are tied hanging on a rope by the market alley
Popular local sausage with a line of tourists from countries
Chinese Sky Lantern as gifts are ready to go
Experiencing release a sky lantern to the sky
They fly away



Enjoy your trip at Pingxi Old Street, Taipei!!

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