Shifen Waterfall and Old Street

Beautiful Scenic Area in New Taipei City

Shifen Waterfall is part of Shifen scenic area located in Pingxi District, New Taipei City. Shifen is known with its old street and beautiful waterfall. Shifen Old Street is pretty much similar with Pingxi Old Street, the famous spot for releasing sky lantern. Along the old street, there are vendors selling Taiwanese snacks and authentic Taiwanese souvenirs. The market area is mostly located aside by the railway. In the Shifen Old Street, visitors can write their hopes and wishes on a Chinese-style paper sky lantern and let them fly into the sky right in middle of the railway.


Visitors can also fly a Chinese Sky Lantern in the Shifen Old Street
A bunch of the visitors in the Shifen Old Street during the weekend
Some Chinese Sky Lantern souvenirs are ready to go

The waterfall is located around 30 minutes from the Old Street. The waterfall can be reached on foot and there are signs and directions to follow. The road is easily reachable. However, the road is not accessible by car. Half of the trail has nice natural views along the road. The height of the Shifen Waterfall is around 20m with 40m width that runs to Keelung River. During the rainy day the amount of water will be much more than the usual day and sometimes is muddy too. Keep in mind that visitors are not allowed to swim and jump over to the waterfall. Nearby the waterfall, there are also some food stalls selling snacks and drinks, so you can have some snack and refresh yourself with some drinks or just sit and rest your legs.

Shifen Waterfall views from aside in the rainy day
The other day we went there during the hard rain and the Keelung River and The Shifen Waterfall are so muddy
The view of Shifen Waterfall from afar. It is just the other side of terrace to enjoy the waterfall view
This is another waterfall during the trail on the way to the main waterfall

How to get there: Take the train to Ruifang Station from Taipei Main Station. It’s about 1 hour away from the city. Next, transfer to Pingxi Line then get off at Shifen Station. Pingxi Line is a famous touristy train line offered with natural views (forest, waterfall, old house, local plantation and river) all along the way to the final station. No entrance fee to this Shifen waterfall.

The distance in google map from Taipei Main Station to Shifen Station
Hiking trail beside Shifen Waterfall, it was slippery during the rainy day
The hiking trail to Shifen Waterfall with natural view all over the way
A little park nearby the Shifen Waterfall
The following bridge is the trail to main waterfall. There is where the small waterfall located


Enjoy your trip to Shifen Waterfall and Old Street!!

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