Oceanside Café – A Jumbo Cup of Coffee and Ocean View

Looking for a cozy place to sit back and relax while in Kaohsiung? Oceanside Café should be put on your coffee shop list. This small coffee shop indeed is different from any other cafes in town. Located in uphill area at Chai Shan village of Gushan District, this place offers beautiful ocean view overlooking Sizihwan bay favored by both tourists and locals. The exact spot is at Chai Shan Ave, a coastal road you will find once you enter the gate of Zhong Shan University. You can either ride your car, motorcycle or take public bus (Bus number 99 from Sizihwan MRT Station).

Enjoy the moment

The quiet environment of this outdoor and casual themed café with colourful mural drawings on its walls will bring you the mood to chill and relax. Oceanside Café can accommodate relatively a lot of visitors but keep in mind that there will be more visitors coming on weekends and holidays. So, you may need to wait to be seated on the best most favorite spots, the ones directly facing the ocean. At first, you will be given seats that are available (sometimes at the indoor waiting room first), then the staff will move your seat to better spot once it is vacant. Be patient and wait for your turn.


The colorful design of the cafe
A good place to enjoy leisure time with your family, friends or partner
Meet the ocean scenery while enjoying your snack
Indoor dining room is also available


The price for the food here is quite affordable. The choice of drink varies from coffee, tea, juice, smoothie and beer. For snack and dessert, they have delicious nachos, various deep-fried stuff, muffin, cheesecake and bagel.  If you want more than just a little meal, go ahead for their quesadilla, taco or beef noodle. The most special and a must-try drink is Oceanside Café’s 1000cc coffee. It is served in a jumbo bowl and you will get a mini cup for each of you to share. Apart from the coffee, other favorites of ours are their homemade cheesecake and cheese quesadilla.


Here are the food!
Uber cute Doraemon face on top of the 1000cc coffee

Tasty nachos and quesadilla served with salsa.


Sweet salty cheesecake with caramel sauce on the bottom


Who else loves blueberry muffin?


Crunchy handmade Doritos!


Have a great time there!


海岸咖啡館 Oceanside Café


Operational Hours            : 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. (weekdays)

1 p.m. – 11 p.m. (weekends)

Closed on Mondays

Address                               : 31 Cai Shan Rd, Gu Shan, Kaohsiung (高雄市鼓山區柴山31號)

Phone                                   : 075251668

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