Fort Zeelandia of Anping Old City

Looking for a one-day trip destination of historical site in Taiwan? You might want to visit Fort Zeelandia of Anping Old City located in Tainan. This national historic site of Taiwan offers you experience of Taiwan’s ancient time, taking you back to the early 17th century of Dutch colonization. You will get better understanding of what Tainan is back in the day of mid-1600. It is surely one of Taiwan’s important historical places you should put on your travel list.


Knowing more about historical site in Tainan

Fort Zeelandia or now also known as Anping Fort was built in 1624 in 10 years’ time by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The fortress was once the administrative office as well as trading center during the Dutch 38-year ruling period. Decades after the Dutch was successfully conquered by Zheng Chenggong or known as Koxinga, the ancient fort was neglected and later some part were destroyed during the Japanese occupation. Then they reconstructed and renovated the mansion on the platform which now became the memorial hall of today’s Anping Fort. In 1975, Tainan City Government started to refurbish the old Fort Zeelandia and see it as a historical park as it is today.

The Building of Fort Zeelandia Museum
The main door of the museum


The left huge wall of the fort
The main fort from the other side

The original construction of the fort was 3-layer construction square inner fort and single storey rectangular outer fort. Above the highest layer of the inner fort, there were the administrative offices and military post. Inside the outer fort, it was where the houses, hospital and commercial area stood. However, the remains of the original outer fort is only the decaying 70-meter red bricks wall entwined with old banyan roots aged 300 years you will find upon entering the fort entrance gate.

Main way to the Fort Zeelandia
The Statue of Cheng Cheng-gong


Main entrance door of the fort building

The present day Anping Fort served as historical site includes Fort Zeelandia Museum located just beside the remnants of the fort, memorial hall on the upper part of the inner fort, a surveillance post, Statue of Koxinga, Fort Stele and Gate of Xie-Die. Some relics can be found inside the area are ancient cannons, ancient well and semi-circular inner fort wall. Most of the introduction signs inside the memorial hall and museum written in both Chinese and English. A pamphlet introducing the fort is also available near the entrance gate.

Environment around the Fort
There are some of canons on the corner and side of the fort
Another view on the top of tower

How to get there: It is about 15-minute car ride from Tainan train station depends on the traffic because the road nearby the fort is quite crowded. If you ride scooter, it takes about 20 minutes. For public transportation, you can take bus number 2 or 99 and get off at Anping Fort (安平古堡Ānpíng gǔ bǎo). The bus ride takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Do pay attention to the bus schedule or you will need to wait longer once you miss the bus. On holidays on weekends, there will be more visitors so just be prepared to wait in line.


 Anping Fort  (安平古堡)


Admission Fee            : NT$50

Opening Hours          : 8.30 A.M. to 5.30 P.M.

Address                       : No. 82, Guosheng Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City

Telephone                  : Historic Site Inquiries (06)390-1341/295-5703

Anping Fort (06)226-7348

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