Anping Tree House

Epic & Artistic Historical Site

Anping Tree House is a perfect getaway destination for you who are living for aesthetic Instagram photos. Inside this former British merchant house, there are many artistic photo spots with cool background that will take your OOTD game to the next level. In addition to all the ‘instagrammable’ spots, you will find this place interesting as you will get to know more about Taiwan’s foreign trade history in earlier times.






This historical site is located in Anping of Tainan City, one of Taiwan’s earliest ports. Anping Tree House is also known as Former Tait & Co. Merchant House originated from a British merchant named James Tait. The firm was established in 1867 and it was one of the top five foreign merchants in bulk goods trading. However, several years after Japanese occupation, foreign firms were closed down and the merchant houses were shifted for other purposes.

Now, the former merchant house has become parts of Tainan’s most popular tourist attraction in the area of Anping Old City. Inside the historical park, there are three main buildings you can explore and look around.

The first one located just in front of the entrance gate is Zhu Jiu-Ying Residence where visitor can experience writing calligraphy using water (instead on ink) on a concrete desk. This house-like building filled with calligraphy displays was built and used to commemorate Mr. Zhu Jiu-Ying who was very influential in the development of Taiwan’s salt industry.



Next to Zhu Jiu-Ying Residence is the Tait & Co. Merchant House where they introduce and showcase the history of foreign trade history in Taiwan.  This two-story building with a main staircase in the center adopted both Eastern and Western architectural styles. The building itself all painted in white with wide terrace on the second floor and big door-like windows in tiffany blue color is so gorgeous.

Behind the former merchant house is the main part of the historical site, Anping Tree House. It was originally used as a warehouse to store salt during Japanese occupation and after World War Two by Taiwan Salt Corporation. After some time of being left unoccupied, architects later renovated the old house and installed wooden paths as well as steel staircase. This 150-year old abandoned building covered with huge banyan roots clinging to the brick walls makes such a unique and cool vintage-themed photo.


In the back part of Anping Tree House, there is also ecological pond, pedal-powered waterwheels, Sky Bridge and souvenir shops you might want to check out.


Hope you enjoy your visit in Anping Old City. Comment down below if you have visited any of Tainan’s historical tourist attraction!



Anping Tree House

Admission                           : NT$50 (full price ticket); NT$25 (student ticket)

Opening Hours                  : 8.30 A.M. to 5.30 P.M.

Address                               : No. 108, Gubao St., Anping Dist., Tainan City

Telephone                           : Historic Site Inquiries (06)390-1341/295-5703

Anping Tree House           : (06)391-3901




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