Taipei 101 New Year Celebration

A Beautiful New Year Event from Taipei 101

Join the crowd and enjoy stunning New Year’s Eve celebration of the famous Taipei 101. This huge annual event of New Year countdown, performances, LED and fireworks show attracts thousands people of both locals and foreigners including me. Yes, it had been always on my bucket list since the day I moved to Taiwan. It is one of the biggest events in Taiwan you also might want to check out if you happen to be in Taipei at the end of the year.





There are several famous spots which offer the best view of the spectacular Taipei 101 fireworks show. City Hall, Xiangshan Trail and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall will be full of people since these are the most popular ones and are close to the city (so the 101 building is clearly visible). Knowing the number of visitors is very much to be overflowing, it is best to come hours earlier and observe targeted spot in advance.




Before and during the event, the main roads around Taipei 101 were closed, so visitors were free to go down the road and gather together to share the euphoria of New Year’s Eve celebration. To add up the excitement and joy, famous singers were invited to perform in a music concert held in front of Taipei City Hall. As the time to New Year was getting closer, people settled and sat down in crowd facing the landmark 101 holding camera and phone to catch the magical firework show.

…3, 2, 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!



The firework burst into the air and no one can hide the excitement on their face. Minute by minute went on, I felt super happy, excited and grateful to get the chance to finally cross ‘Taipei 101 NYE Celebration’ out of my Taiwan’s must-do list. The firework and LED display was just so pretty and mesmerizing. Seeing everyone giving hug and kisses to their loved ones as they embrace a new day really melt my heart. It was one of the best moments I have had in my entire life.

P.S. The MRT on the way back home will be very crowded and packed. Don’t be panic! Just be patience and wait in line to enter the MRT Station. There will be crowd control police that will manage the crowd to get in to the train and be home safely. Do remember that the main roads around the area are closed, so if you want to take taxi, you will need to walk first to get to the road that is open for vehicle.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Lots of love from Ayo Travelling Team.


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