Culinary at Anping, Tainan

Food Heaven in Old City

Anping Old City is indeed famous for its age-old buildings and rich history of ancient Taiwan, but there are more to discover especially for you guys who are food lovers. Walking around the sides of Anping Fort, there is our interpretation of food heaven, where you might want to begin your food tasting experience. These street vendors selling various traditional foods, beverages and also souvenirs are always busy and crammed with people. There are dozens of choices to try; whether to snack or have a big meal, whether you prefer something savory or something sweet, they offer huge range of Taiwanese cuisine with (of course) affordable prices.




Here are some the food we tried that you might want to check it out too.


Deep-fried wonton (meat filling dumpling). There are several small restaurants selling fried dumpling since it is quite a popular dish in Anping area. They called it 炸蝦仁餛飩 (Fried Shrimp Wonton) because the filling consists of minced pork and shrimp. The taste was pretty good and we loved the crunchy texture of the skin and we think you will do too.


In this restaurant we also tried their traditional noodle dish served with braised pork, egg, shrimp and fish cake. The braised minced pork added saltiness to the noodle, so mix it first for better taste. Our next order was rice with braised pork and fish floss and oyster omelet to fill our hungry tummy.


Then, it is time for snack! Here in Anping Old Street is where you can try unique and special snack that your country may not have. This time we chose grilled stinky tofu and huge duck egg. The stinky tofu was deep fried and served on a stick then grilled. They added barbecue sauce and sweet spicy sauce which made it more delicious, so we recommend this one for you to try if it is your first time trying stinky tofu. About the boiled duck egg we tried, the taste was a little bit bland. Maybe next time we should try the traditional ones that are boiled in a mix of tea leaf and soy sauce.


Our last step was dessert hunting to finish our food adventure. The first one we tried is a childhood sweet treat, chicken egg shaped ice cream. There are several flavors to choose such as chocolate, strawberry, Yakult and taro. The uncle and his decorated ice cream cart were quite cute (yes, it attracted us!). And the last but not least is our favorite soya pudding or known in Chinese as Douhua. It is one of popular traditional dessert dishes of Tainan. Douhua usually served with various toppings like red/adzuki beans, mung beans, tapioca ball, taro ball and syrup. This sweet and healthy dish is definitely a must-try.



Hope you have a good time tasting Tainan local dishes around Anping Old City! Share your food hunting experience in the comment section below. We would to know what your favorite Taiwanese local dishes are.


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