The Photogenic Sanxia Old Street

Welcome to Sanxia Old Street

Sanxia Old Street is a 200-meter-long Old Street (approximately) located in Sanxia District New Taipei City, Taiwan. The Old Street, which has renovated more than three times, is the longest Old Street in Northern part of Taiwan. The place was once used as a center of clothes-dyeing, traditional Chinese tea and production of camphor, now is becoming a popular Old Street with Japanese style of red-brick-construction building. Long row of old stores with authentic vintage image makes it famous among local and international visitors.


Our Taiwanese friends recommended this place to us, and this place amazed us a lot. The street was full of visitors and of course the vendors. For visitors planning to try some traditional food and also looking some historical place as your photoshoot spot this place may be the right place to go. During the weekend visitors will be more than weekdays that make the main alley will be full of people. In the both sides of the main alley, there are a lot of vendors selling stuff with epic old photogenic stores. The main design construction for the whole buildings are made of red bricks without any paint with old style brown-colored wooden doors (two sided). The windows are in old style of Chinese windows with wood frame and some glass blocks in the middle. Don’t forget to capture those antique things in your camera or take a picture with them. It was really unique to experience that place in spot and seemed to be in old town of Taiwan.



Once we were there my friend also let us try traditional Taiwanese snack. Since the weather is quite cold that time, so we found some snack with hot soup. You guys may also check up this traditional snack vendor with unique wooden store decoration which makes it super cool. We ordered one deep-fried twisted dough sticks (油條), almond-flavored paste/drinks (杏仁茶) and flavored millet porridge (麵茶). Both drinks taste sweet, thick and uniquely tasty. I felt so nostalgic that I think I had drunk that when I was a kid in China town. Some stores sell some unique stuff, snacks, and ice creams like in the pictures that are shown. There is also one temple in the Old Street called Xinglong Temple (興隆宮).


How to get there: Take Blue Line MRT bound to Dingpu Station(頂埔) and stop at Yongning Station(永寧), take city bus no 812, 705, 702 to Sanxia Old Street (三峽老街), after that walk around 300 meters to the Sanxia Old Street.

Let’s go guys explore this Sanxia Old Street, find out more, and share to us about your travelling experience in Sanxia Old Street or Taiwan! Have a great trip!


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