Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo

This exhibition we visited last weekend might be a perfect match for you who love plants and flowers or you who are looking for a place to escape from bustling city situation. Located in Changzhi Township of Pingtung County, the annual Pingtung Tropic Agriculture Expo offers you fun and educational attractions as well as refreshing scenery.  This outdoor event lasts for a month, started from February 3rd until March 4th, and they have different and special theme each year. This year of 2018 they collaborated with popular cartoon character from Sanrio, Hello Kitty, which successfully attracts both children and adults.



The large area of the event divided into 14 parts including sea of flower, pumpkin tunnel, orchid house, aboriginal tribes’ area, aquatic product area, fruit garden, farmer market, art place, a small kind of zoo for kids and paddy field art. This expo really gives you the best opportunity to explore all about farming, plantation and crop production. Moreover, there are also a lot of delicious foods to try and beautiful photo spots for you to capture and post on your social media.



Upon entering the main gate, there is stack of containers used as viewing platform where you can get better picture of the sea of flower. The sea of flower is a colorful flower garden with a water fountain in the middle. From that point, you can start your journey and visit the fruit garden, pumpkin tunnel, orchid house and all the exhibition areas. My favorite of all the gardens is the sunflower garden. Standing in the midst of high-growing bright yellow sunflower field really made my day.  As a plus, you can pay some money and get a chance to pick the sunflower yourself and take it home.



In addition to the mesmerizing collection of plants and flowers, other interesting stuff you can enjoy are joining DIY classes, watching performances and food hunting. You can get the brochure of the event and get a full list of activities you can take part in or some performances you might be interested in. They also got large variety of food such as fresh vegetables, fresh juice, aboriginal style roasted pork, deep fried snack, ice cream and many more. And the last thing we highly recommend to check out is the paddy field art. It is a crop circle forming an image of Hello Kitty and friends and it is indeed super cute! (Expect the long queue to enter the viewing platform)





So if you happen to be or live around southern part of Taiwan like Kaohsiung, Tainan or Pingtung, you can go check it out before the event ends on March 4th. We recommend this event for you who are looking for something different to brighten up your weekend.



To get there: Take Fukang Shuttle Bus (復康巴士接駁) from Pingtung Train Station. If you drive on your own, simply enter the keywords屏東熱帶農業博覽館 on to your web maps and you will get the route to get to the destination. Enjoy!


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