The Blooming Sakura in Ali Village

Hello Spring!

Yes, we are excited to welcome the spring season! And this time we traveled up to the mountain in Wutai Township of Pingtung to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms season. This sakura festival precisely located in a remote village called Ali Village which is home to Taiwan’s aboriginal tribe, Rukai people. Visit to this extended route in this remote area is open for public every spring, only for a one-month period of time.


Provincial Highway 24



The journey to this place was really incredible. The route we took is a narrow steep winding road where landslide very likely to happen during heavy rain and earthquake. However, going deeper inside the mountain, we were amazed by the natural scenery of mountains, river, small waterfalls, and beautiful blooming cherry blossoms. We never thought that Pingtung has such a place like this. Thanks to our apartment security who introduced this natural site to us.




Before reaching the village, we encountered a few photo spots where the sakura blooms the most. But we didn’t stop there, we just continued our ride to Ali village which is at the end of the Provincial Highway 24. We parked our scooter and explored the village on foot. We really enjoyed the view of mountains and the fresh air as we walked through the path with cherry blossoms on its sides. It was so refreshing.




Inside the village which is now no longer inhabited after typhoon disaster, there are also Rukai people’s stone piles traditional houses. Another site to visit is a small waterfall located slightly further but we didn’t have time to check it out since it was almost dusk. And last thing, we completed our short trip with enjoying delicious baked sweet potato, traditional stone-grilled wild boar meat and a cup of hot tea.



The village was once stroked by a Typhoon in 2009 which caused a great damage to the roads and Rukai people’s home

It was such a short, fun and relaxing weekend getaway. Here is our photo gallery and we hope you enjoy it like we do!

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