A Little Journey to Xiaoliuqiu 小琉球

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Xiaoliuqiu is a small island located in the western part of Taiwan and is also a part of Pingtung County. The island is just 6.8km2 big which is suitable for a short one day trip. This island is famous with its natural ecosystem of flora and fauna. In the island, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, the natural habitat of certain fishes, sea turtle and some other land animals. There are also lots of fun activities you can do such as cycling, hiking, swimming, sunbathing , and diving. For those of you who are snorkeling lovers, you should have a try to experience Xiaoliuqiu’s sea world.



Our story

We rode scooters from Kaohsiung city which is only one hour away from Tonggang Harbor. Once we arrived at the harbor, we bought the ticket for both passenger and our scooters too. If you would like to bring your scooter all the way to the island, you have to pay another ticket for your vehicle. Another choice is to rent a scooter or electric bike once you arrived at Xiaoliuqiu harbor. At the harbor, there is a tourist information center where you can get tourist attraction map of the island. The map is pretty simple and clear since we could reach to those spots by simply follow the direction.



Our first stop was Flower Vase Rock. The tourist information center is located up in a hill and if you continue walking down the hill, there is the famous place for taking picture and snorkeling called Flower Vase Rock. You can rent snorkeling equipment from nearby shop if you don’t have one. We really enjoyed the clear cold water and took some epic pictures there. We also paid a visit to a temple nearby before we left and the view was also beautiful with clear blue sky as the background.




The next one was a rock cliff just next to the ocean or they called it lobster hole. We climbed down to the small sea shore in between those tip cliffs, enjoyed the water and took some pictures. We did really have a good time there. Well, for the next spot, we would like to find a safer place to swim and play in the water. However, the current time was around our lunch time, so we decided to look for a restaurant first. We got into an indoor air-conditioned restaurant since it was really hot outside. The restaurant has several choices of set meal for a group or certain number of people. The food was quite good with affordable price. We were all satisfied with the lunch and ready for the next spot. We rode our scooter for a few minutes and finally found a tiny white sand beach with rock on both sides and also crystal clear water that perfect for swimming. The last time I went there, I could clearly see small fishes just near the sea shore, but this time, we had to swim a little bit further in order to be able to see the fishes. Swimming in a hot sunny day is really a perfect idea to cools your body and chills your mind.


After spending around an hour there, we rode scooters around the island to find other awesome places. We stopped and took a rest at a seaside bungalow for 15 minutes. The other beach that we found was a rocky beach that we definitely cannot swim because it was full of poisonous sea stars. So, we went back to the main road by hiking a small hill from the rocky beach. We made a stop again at the seaside bungalow to grab some drinks and found a great ocean view from above a cliff where we saw wild sea turtles on the ocean. It was incredibly awesome since it was my first time seeing it. After spending half day travelling the island, we went back to the small city centre near the harbor. And just in time, we saw some celebration of local religion parade which was very interesting. The moment was so irresistible for me not to stop and took some pictures. In the end of the trip, we still had a few hours before our ferry departed, so we decided to swim at a beach nearby the harbor and enjoy our short Xiaoliuqiu trip to the fullest.



How we get there:

We were riding scooters from Kaohsiung city to Tonggang harbor about an hour. We took a ferry and brought our scooters over to the island about 25 minutes; that costs around 400 NTD a person for return ticket and 100 NTD for scooter one way ticket.

That’s all guys our travelling story to Xiaoliuqiu Island! Visit this awesome destination and share your story with us!

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