Blueprint Culture and Creative Park

“A village of art”

Blueprint Culture and Creative Park is a place of abandoned houses that has been left, and now reconstructed with blueprint architectural style. The building, which was old Japanese government dormitories, has been changed into Culture and Creative Park that become a must-visit place for modern or artistic photography in Tainan, Taiwan. Tainan city Government is collaborating with artists to change the old buildings into an artistic place. Some areas is full of graffiti that some people may see it as vandalism but the government turned this place to a creative space for street artists to show their arts and talents. Besides, there is also a wrecked house that printed with blue color and 3 dimensional white lines, and it becomes the icon of the creative park. Visitors may also find many wooden artworks, restaurants and stores that sell postcards, merchandise, snacks and ice cream.



We rode scooter to go there and parked in small lane nearby because there aren’t a lot of parking space available. The blueprint building is just aside of the front door. The blue colored building has a lot of symmetrical line on the wall and some home furnishing drawn too. For people who like artistic photography or OOTD photoshoot, we really recommend to check out this awesome place. We took some great shots there and felt great because there are many cool spots to take good photos. After exploring this building, we went inside the “village” to look for other awesome stuffs and ready to get amazed. There is also another great place for photo shoot which is just on the attic of a building. There is only one stairs when you enter the park from the main gate. That is the stairs that leads you to the epic attic! I took some time there to take some great shots and tried different angles too. The other places are decent too; such as the bench in front of a store which is perfect for OOTD shot and also the small green scooter. You can also find cool colorful huge murals on the walls of some buildings.




That’s all guys our travelling story this time. Let’s go check out this place and share with us your story!  You guys may also write a comment what kind of epic spot, all of you want to know more or would like us to visit in Taiwan. See you in our next trip!


For more information:

Address               : No. 2, Lane 689, Sec. 1, Ximen Road, South Dist., Tainan 702, Taiwan

Telephone           : +886 6 222 7195

Opening hour     :      Sunday to Friday: 8:00PM – 3:00AM

Saturday              : 3:00PM – 3:00AM

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