A Gorgeous Sunset from Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields

Over the centuries


Established in 1818 by salt farmers, makes the Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields the oldest salt fields in Taiwan. This place with a history of 338 years has been becoming the place to improve the quality of salt production over 3 centuries, and now the place is no longer as a big mass industry but used as cultural and educational purposes. The salt fields is located in Beimen, Tainan. The production starts from the trapped seawater in the tile-paved fields. The seawater evaporates so the farmers can collect the crystallized salt grains and sweep them to one spot into a pile of small salt mountain. The square-shaped of every tile-paved salt field will dry eventually, so that visitors can play with the rake or pile the salt or you may want to take a picture as well. When the sun goes down, the beautiful orange light of the sunset reflects on the shallow water and gives you the epic sunset view ever. For the ones who are looking for epic natural sunset photo, this one would be the perfect match for you.



This tourist attraction is located quite far from the central city because it is in the northern part of Tainan and almost reaches the border to Chiayi County. We rode a scooter to reach the destination but you can also travel by bus to go there. The way to go there is a long straight way to the north, and it is windy since it is nearby the west coast that made me hard to control the scooter in certain speed. Once I arrived there, it was already twilight, and a lot of people were there to witness a beautiful moment of Jingzaijioa Tile-paved Salt Fields’ gorgeous sunset. We took some pictures right in the middle of the field and some others for the whole fields.



How to get there:

By public transportation, from Tainan railway Station take a Xingnan Bus heading to Qingkunshen and stop at Xishan(Xi Mountain).


For more information:

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-18:00

Charge              : Free

Address            : Jingzaijiao, Yonghua Village, Beimen District, Tainan City 727

Telephone       : +886-6-7861629

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