Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

Brief Story

The Dragon and Tiger pagodas is located at Lotus Lake a man-made lake in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The artificial lake was officially opened in 1951 and becoming a place for tourist attraction area such as Dragon Tiger Pagodas(龍虎塔), Spring and Autumn Pavilions(春秋閣), and many temples. The pagodas that was completed in 1976 placed right in front of the temple Cihji Palace made in 17th century. Both dragon and tiger figures of these pagodas are two of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Many people believe that dragon symbolizes power and strength, people who are born in the year are believed to be smarter and more blessed than others, and on the other hand tiger symbolizes righteousness, prowess and harmony in Chinese culture.


This tourist spot is so iconic once you are around the Lotus Lake. It looks like a twin pagodas from every corner of the lake. The other entertaining things are the huge figure of Dragon and tiger as the entrance and exit of the pagodas. The pagodas are actually placed on the middle of the lake with a bridge with six corners. We went inside through the dragon throat and went out through the tiger mouth, and it is believed to turn bad luck into good fortune. Inside both of the dragon and tiger, there are stories on both sides of the wall about heaven and hell to remind visitors to do good deeds during the life on earth. Once you are in the pagodas, you are embraced with epic detail of Chinese ancient architecture such as red color window frames, doors, pillars with spiral stairs all the way to seven floors, and ancient figure paintings on the top of windows. The Chinese culture aesthetics can be seen through every detail of the design in every corner of the building. The views from the top of both pagodas are stunning too with bird-eye view.



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Opening hours: Open daily

Tel                      : +886-7-5883242

Address             : Liantan Rd. Zuoting Dist. Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


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