Yangmingshan Hydrangea Garden

Colorful Season


The flower garden of Hydrangea that located in Yangmingshan National Park, northern part of Taiwan, is now open to public around May until July every year. For the ones who love taking portrait photos, this place may suit you better. Location of the garden is on a hill of this mountain and it takes some time when you drive from Taipei city. For international visitors or the ones without vehicle, there are also some other options by public transportation so don’t worry then, but you might have to walk around from one to another tourist spot by foot.



It was quite rainy that day, when my friend and I visited to the place. Lucky there wasn’t any fog at all, just a shower rain. Because of the rainy day the garden was quite muddy, so I will be better not wearing white shoes during the day. With the light condition on that day, the photos that we took were spectacular with the ambient light in such environment. The hydrangea garden is not that wide, but the flower is really all over the place with different colors; such as violet, light blue, white, and many others. The flowers are planted in some flat surface and incline surface on the hill, so this might look like you take a picture with a wall of hydrangea flowers wallpaper. However, as a reminder, during the weekend this place might be full of visitors, so you have to patiently wait in line to take a picture at some great spot. For some additional to your photo shoot property, you can also buy the hydrangea for 100NT dollars to go with you.




How to get there:

There are some options to choose by public transportation:

  1. Taipei main station > Bus no. 218 (Stop at 北投公園) > Bus no. 小9 (Stop at 湖田橋) > walk to destination for 4 minutes
  2. Taipei main station > Bus no. 260區 (Stop at 大都會客運陽明山站) > Bus no. 小9 (Stop at 湖田橋) > walk to destination for 4 minutes
  3. Taipei main station > take red line MRT heading to Tamsui (stop at 北投站) > Bus no. 小9 (Stop at 湖田橋) > walk to destination for 4 minutes



For more information:

Address                   : Bamboo lake Rd. Beitou District Taipei City 112

Phone Number      : +886 937 023 190

Opening Hour       : 08:00 – 19:00 open every day

Admission Fee      : 100NT (The one that we went to because there are some gardens there)



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