The Dreamy Zhuzihu Black Forest

The Photogenic Spot

“Zhuzihu Black Forest” is the best place for taking photoshoot to get a forest vibe in the Zhuzihu area. This place is just nearby the Yangmingshan Hydrangea Garden, Taipei, Taiwan. Full of high trees makes the sun light look very ambient going through the little gap of those trees.  Since this photo spot is reachable from the city, this place may be full of visitors during weekend. Visitors only need to take public bus for around one hour from Beitou MRT station to the destination. It is also a common place to take a model photoshoot and pre-wedding photoshoot since there is a heart-shape red painted marble.


My friend and I were riding scooters from the Taipei city to the Zhuzihu Black Forest right after we visited Qingtiangang Grassland our previous trip. That day was a light rainy day so we were quite wet riding scooter to the destination, but it was all okay. The road is not slippery and not dangerous at all even in the harsh day. All the road signs are everywhere. However, the Zhuzihu Black Forest is not that easy to find because there is no sign of that place and the location is quite hidden in the forest next to the main road. We were quite hopeless that the photos were going to too dark because the light condition was really low. Luckily, the light that going through the gap between trees was still enough to take portrait photography in the forest.


Finally, we set the photoshoot at some spots that we think really nice. I was taking some photos about the forest. The environment is dominated by brown color of tree branch and green color of leaves. The other color is cyan because of some little fog around make the photos theme a bit cold and dreamy. Well, the photo result might also look different in terms of mood during sunny day. Don’t forget not to take a picture backlight for the face because it is really hard to brighten the face part during the editing process. In addition, not only the photos mood is going to different during the sunny day, but also the visitors will be a lot so it will be tough to take pictures of empty background of the forest and to photograph the heart shape. Well, both weathers will be exciting for visitors to visit Zhuzihu Black Forest as well as becoming the perfect weekend gateway.

Let’s visit and experience youself!!

We got some options to go there from Google maps.

Here is the address or click here to get the address  竹子湖黑森林 號, No. 63竹子湖路北投區台北市112

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