Two Portrait Photography Spots in Taipei

Hi guys! Welcome back to our travelling blog. Our blog this time is a bit different that we are going to show our recommendation about two portrait photoshoot in Taipei and the galleries for our shots that day. Both places are located in Taipei city so you don’t need to travel to far from the city. Well, here are the two spots!


1. Taipei Songshan Airport Lane 松山機場飛機巷

This spot quite popular for a lot of people of Taiwanese or even foreigners who like taking portrait photography. This photoshoot spot is actually a small empty lane located just next to the Songshan Airport. We went there during the weekend on Sunday evening. Evening is the best time for taking portrait at that place, but well too much people there during the weekend. We were taking photo a bit further to the back of the small lane to avoid the crowd. The lane is quite small, and the landing planes are flying right above us from the backside of us towards the airport. I was doing a continuous shutter shoot to get the best result for the moving airplane. The photo results were epic and super cool. It was really great experience to be able to take a picture like that.




Here is the location and click this 10491台北市中山區濱江街180巷

2. Nanjichang (South Airport) Apartment南機場公寓

The other spot is also popular among teenagers in Taipei, but it was not easy to find this place. This spot is an old apartment located in Wanhua district Taipei city, Taiwan. This place is really photogenic especially for people who are hunting OOTD photos or portrait photo. This is an area of old apartment with many unique-design spiral stairs. From the building design itself makes you look small if you stand in the middle the stairs of those buildings, and the photos may also look vintage because of the old building around there. People usually go there around the evening time. We were really late that time. The day was already dark when we were there. I thought the photos would be awesome since the light was very low that moment. Fortunately, it was all okay. The photos were epic as usual. The light was still good enough for the photos. Some editing may need to be added to strengthen the shadow and color, and some color grading is to warm the photo mood.




Here is the location and click this 台北市

That’s all for our blog this time. Hope you guys like it. Let’s go and experience yourself!

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